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Don Hanson
2005-12-07, 16:52
Today I had to move SlimServer to a different PC due to the failure of a
secondary drive. I did not lose any Music Files of my playlist files and
made a back up of the SlimServer directory. Slim Server is now running on
the new PC and has found the music files. It appears that the playlist files
our in the My Music directory, but Slim Server does not list them. What do I
need to do to restore these playlist files?

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2005-12-07, 16:58
You may need to change the "playlist folder" in server settings to point to the directory where the playlists are.

Another possible issue would be if the paths to the music files, as specified in the playlists, are no longer correct (ie if the path on the new computer isn't the same as on the old one)