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2005-12-07, 12:25
Sorry, couple questions that I know are easy to answer from a SB veteran.

Exactly WHAT is the Playlist.

Is it purpose solely an area to move songs you'd like hear?

And, more importantly, how does one make multiple playlists and store them (1 for Dad, 1for Mom, 1 with all current favorites etc) or is this the purpose Favorites.

Here where Iím coming from.

I plan on having a big party in a few weeks, and would like to have a premade Playlist with just Xmas Music. Once the party kicks in, move to the more common/standard tunes, at the end of the party more dancing based music. How do I achieve this? I want to avoid farting around at the PC/remote during the party.

Also, I do not have high speed Internet access and as such have not yet setup SqueezeNetwork. However, if I accidentally going into SqueezeNetwork via the remote, Iím having a bear of a time getting out. (It just keeps on trying to set it up). Is there a way to avoid this?

Thanx much in advance, Fred.

2005-12-07, 16:06
In SlimServer put all your songs on the right side and click Save. This will create the playlist with the name you give it.

2005-12-07, 16:26
I knew I should have filled something in to the Beginnersguide in the wiki on this... still, if I write something now I can put it in, so here goes...

A Playlist is, at its simplest, just a list of music files that you can save, name, and reload at any time. In the Web interface or via the Remote, "Browse Playlists" to see the list of playlists.

Whenever you create a list of songs to play by pressing "play" or "add", you are creating a playlist for a particular player. If you really like the list you've just made, you can save (and name) it so you can get back to it later.

Although you can create a playlist via either the Web interface or the Remote UI, they are best edited through the Web interface where you can easily move things up and down the list.

There is nothing very special about the playlist files themselves: they are plain text, stored as .m3u files in a folder specified in "server settings", and can easily be imported from many other programs.

A playlist containing just the URL of a favourite internet radio station is a good way of easily tuning in to it.



2005-12-07, 17:32
Browse through your music on Slimserver and move the songs you want to hear to the right-hand side of the page by hitting the right arrow. You can move songs, albums, artists, etc., depending on how you are browsing. When the "current playlist" on the right is like you want it, hit the "save" button just above the list and give this playlist whatever name you like. You can then recall this list anytime.

2005-12-12, 09:34
Thanx to all for answering this obviously simple question. It makes perfect sense now that it was clearly explained... however I had difficulty finding this info on the supplied doc.

Cheers, Fred.