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Mark Lanctot
2005-12-07, 11:46
Looks good.

Now that you've got me turned on to Wiki, I want
to add more. :-)

I was thinking of adding a section here:


entitled "Wireless Troubleshooting".

I want to go through the step-by-step procedure,
i.e. try with no encryption, SSID broadcast
enabled, then add WPA, then turn off SSID
broadcast if desired, etc. I had to go through
this several times. It was useful to diagnose
where my problem was (first the router firmware as
it wouldn't connect with encryption off, then the
SSID broadcast as I couldn't get it to connect
with SSID broadcast disabled even though it
connected earlier.)

ceejay wrote:
> Mark
> ok, I took another look as well... to avoid having
two chunks about
> firewalls, I've deleted mine. I did take the
liberty of adding a
> little para at the end of yours to accommodate the
point about ports
> (but hopefully in such a way that its "optional" for
the beginner.
> BTW, you didn't credit yourself at the bottom of the
page, please
> do.... (if you want!!)
> Regards
> Ceejay


Mark Lanctot