View Full Version : Top half of display disappeared after just 24 hours

2005-12-07, 11:34
I received my SB3 yesterday and it was all up and running by 5pm. This morning as I left for work at 8am I remember looking at the display, checking the time.

On my return this evening at 6pm the display was only showing the time not the date. Further checks show that the entire top half of the display is no longer working.

Before I arrange for a DOA replacement with my supplier is this a known issue? I'd prefer not to have to send it back leaving me without an SB3 for who knows how long, considering the shortages in stock within the UK.


2005-12-07, 13:50
As per the title, another section of the display is now not being displayed.

The unit is now unusable using the display interface. An example of all that is displayed is the time/date standby screen, which shows the bottom 1/4 of the time only. Everything above this is blank.

I remember seeing that previous display problems have been fixed with reseating the connector. Do I need to worry about my warranty if I go down this route or should I just send the unit back?


2005-12-07, 13:55
In the past SlimDevices have encouraged people who feel comfortable doing so to open up their units and try things like reseating connectors, I'm sure the warranty would not be affected. Of course you might be better waiting to hear that from a company rep :)

2005-12-07, 13:58
Please contact your reseller for an exchange.