View Full Version : 1 album with 0 songs by 1 artist

bart maguire
2005-02-24, 06:04
I have installed 6.0a1 on XP. I stopped Slimserver
and renamed it's installation folder, so that the new
installation would be clean.
I set the audiodir to be an empty directory, because I
am going to import the data from MusicMagic.
On the Server Settings page "Don't use MusicMagic" is
selected (BTW the setting above this is "Do Not Use
iTunes" - shouldn't the capitalisation and
abbreviations be consisent?)
I have not yet imported any data, so there should be
no tracks available (Another BTW - shouldn't they be
tracks rather than songs?)
If I Browse Albums I see:

1 album with 0 songs by 1 artist.
No Album

If I click on "No Album" I see:

1 album with 2 songs by 1 artist.