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Mark Lanctot
2005-12-07, 09:10
I just took a look at that.

I thought of obliterating what I wrote and
providing a link to the Networking FAQ page, but I
decided against it because it's hard for a newbie
to find port settings on most 3rd party firewalls.

Yes, I know that by setting the application
permissions wide open with all ports, it's
probably a little less secure, but SlimServer only
sends and receives traffic on certain ports and
unless it's been modified by malware, this
shouldn't be a problem.

What I did was included a link to the Networking
FAQ page for the Windows firewall because IIRC the
Windows firewall doesn't set permissions by
application alone, it sets it by application/ports

ceejay wrote:
> Mark
> Thanks! It's not too bad is it?! (As long as you
don't get frustrated
> by the lack of fancy presentation...)
> Now, what do we do with the little bit about
Firewalls in the
> Networking page? Merge it in with your piece?
Probably not a good idea
> to leave them both lying where they are, and I
understand your logic
> about putting your bit where it is.
> Thoughts?
> Ceejay.


Mark Lanctot

2005-12-07, 11:16

ok, I took another look as well... to avoid having two chunks about firewalls, I've deleted mine. I did take the liberty of adding a little para at the end of yours to accommodate the point about ports (but hopefully in such a way that its "optional" for the beginner.

BTW, you didn't credit yourself at the bottom of the page, please do.... (if you want!!)