View Full Version : Help me find a SB3 in the UK!

2005-12-06, 12:22
I really want one for christmas, but can's find one anywhere. I want a black wireless one and a few websites have had them listed for weeks, yet none have had any in. I know a lot of people who are waiting for them. Has there been a delay? Anyone know any UK companies that actually have them in stock.

Many thanks.

2005-12-06, 12:24
There was a delay because of a problem getting parts, I was told. They are on backorder, but a sales rep just told me they were expected to begin shipping this week.

2005-12-06, 12:27
so it's a general problem effecting Slim Devices actual SB3 manufacturing, rather than a problem with UK import/suply levels etc? Have they been hard to get hold of in the US too?

2005-12-06, 12:33
I don't know how extensive the problem was or if it affected shipping to the UK. The guy I spoke to last week said there was a backlog of about 200 machines at that time, but that they could get those out fairly quickly once the parts arrive. He told me today the parts were there and that my unit should ship out by the end of the week. I just ordered last Monday, so I don't know how long shipments have been delayed.

2005-12-06, 13:15
We are shipping huge volumes to the UK, but there is also a great deal of demand causing the delay. At the moment our US web site indicates 3-5 days, because we are allocating most of production capacity to clearing the UK backlog.

The quickest way to get one is just get in the queue anywhere instead waiting for it to appear in-stock.

Sir G
2005-12-06, 14:20
I ordered a couple directly from SlimDevices on 26/11 and I got a message on 30/11 informing me of a delay. It also said orders would be filled in the order received. Then on 5/12 another message saying the units would be shipped "in the next day or so". Hope to get them by the end of the week.