View Full Version : Any recommendations for on-line purchase of SB2 (forUK delivery)?

2005-12-06, 10:09
Have you called Cooltopia. I believe they have some SB2 in their inventory.


On 12/6/05 8:56 AM, "Dan Goodinson" <Dan.Goodinson (AT) businessobjects (DOT) com>

> I like the look of the SB2, and would prefer to buy that rather than an
> SB3 for the moment. I currently have an SB1 and am looking for an
> upgrade for the native FLAC decode.
> I did a quick bit of searching the other week for SB2, but didn't find
> any on-line (tried eBuyer, dabs, broadbandbuyer too I think). I
> couldn't find any after a quick cursory search. Are SB2 still easy to
> get hold of?
> Cheers,
> Dan.