View Full Version : SB2 Not Closing SPIDIF signal?

Johnny Stork
2005-12-06, 08:43
I run the SPIDIF output of my SB2 into a Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 21 DAC which also takes an optical input from a Rega CD transport. The problem I am having is that even when the SB2 is clearly off, when I run the CD and send an output to the DAC, it remains locked to a signal from the SB2. I have to manually unplug the SB2 in order for the DAC to switch to the signal coming in through the optical input. I am not sure though if this is an SB2 issue or a DAC issue. All I am sure of is that this behaviour was not seen with the SB1?

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2005-12-06, 08:53

If you remove the optical lead from the receiver with the SB2 on or off, you'll see the light/led/laser is never powered off, so receiver's that autodetect input still believe the SB2 is the active source.

There's a bug filed on this issue. Please vote for it here. Hopefully it'll be fixed in 6.5