View Full Version : Re: please confirm: bridging does not make SB3 an accesspoint

Mark Lanctot
2005-12-06, 08:17
The SB2/3 can function as a wireless bridge, i.e.
it accesses the network wirelessly and can pass
network traffic to a wired device through its
Ethernet port.

It can't work the other way as an access point
though. So if the first SB3 connects by Ethernet,
that's the end of the chain - you can't connect
anything to it. If the first SB3 connected
wirelessly though, you could have a wired SB3
connected to it, or another PC, or a switch to
several other wired devices.

Your best bet would be to replace the router with
a Linksys WRT54G, which works just fine with the
SB2/3. Attach the PC and the NAS to the LAN
ports, the modem to the WAN port, and attach all
SBs wirelessly.

BTW you probably didn't kill his WinME PC, they
tend to kill themselves over time. ;-)

mawfin wrote:
> Sorry, I had a little poke around but could not find
the previous
> reference on this topic.
> The ideal setup I have in mind for my father-in-law
(non computer
> literate) is:
> - Slimserver running on a Buffalo Linkstation NAS.
> - The first SB3 connects to Slimserver by ethernet.
> - The second (and possibly third) SB3 connects to
Slimserver wirelessly
> through the first SB3.
> By removing both the wireless router and the PC I
solve my two big
> problems:
> - My experiments have killed the hard drive and
other elements of his 5
> year old PC (running Windows Millenium Edition).
> - His Belkin modem (18 months old) refuses to allow
connection with the
> SB3 (no firmware update available). I have given up
on this.
> Apart from that I think it's just a neat idea.
> Any pointers in the right direction?


Mark Lanctot

2005-12-07, 15:09
Yes, I thought as much - just hopeful. Your other tips make sense too. Also hope he buys a new computer!