View Full Version : Lastest Connection Solution

2005-12-06, 05:59

I Previously had a problem connecting Wirelessly to my Linksys WAG54G with my SB3. This was solved last week by using the first encryption key rather than an alternative one. I have posted this previously.

However, a couple of days ago couldn't connect again. I tried a complete reset of all kit involved in the network to no avail.

Today I stumbled upon 'this weeks' solution.

I entered the setup for my router and viewed 'Status', 'Wireless' and clicked on the 'Wireless Clients Connected' button. To my suprise it listed a Device with no name, but an IP address of and with a MAC addres that matched my SB3, so rather than letting the SB3 have it's IP address assigned automatically, I entered a static one that matched the above. It worked!!
I'm at a loss as to why, but for now who cares.

Hope this helps one or two of you...