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2005-12-05, 14:16
Hi all

I recently upgraded to SlimServer 6.2, which upgraded the firmware on my SB2. I was previously running 6.1.

Version: SlimServer Version: 6.2.1 - 5194 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252

When I change the volume on my SB2 remote, it changes the volume on my SB2 AND the volume on my amplifier, which is a JVC EX-A1. If I click the volume up a notch, the output volume on the SB2 increases by one as expected - but the output volume on my amplifier increases by one as well! Extraordinary. I have checked and double-checked as I can't quite believe it. But there is no doubt, my SB2 remote is now adjusting the volume on both the SB2 and my amp. Unfortunately I don't have second amp to test it on - I suspect it is a coincidence that the SB2 remote outputs a signal that the JVC amp happens to understand as well.

If I use the remote for my amplifier, it correctly adjusts the amp volume and the SB2 doesn't change (as you would expect).

Before I upgraded to 6.2, altering the volume with the SB2 remote only changed the volume on the SB2 (as you'd expect).

I've made a search on the forum for an answer. Is this the solution to my woes:

Originally Posted by hazel-rah
Interesting. I wonder is there any way to keep the 6.2.0 software but revert back to the previous firmware?

Yes, look at the server/firmware directory. Take the version 15 firmware and copy it to your 6.2 firmware directory. Then edit squeezebox2.version to point to ver 15.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help.

Ian Johnson
[edited to specify SS version more accurately]

2005-12-05, 16:31

Are you using the stock remote that comes with Squeezebox?

If not, then you may be using a JVC codeset (Squeezebox will also
respond to JVC DVD codes). You may need to have your remote learn
the codes from the standard remote.

Upgrading the firmware on your player won't have any effect on your
remote. :)

2005-12-05, 16:41
Though if you do have a JVC component around (in my case a TV, in yours, the amplifier) you may wish to tell Slimserver to ignore JVC codes. Otherwise, changing volume on your amp (or on my TV) will change the volume level on your Squeezebox as well.

This is under 'player settings/remote', and you can turn it off for just the players that happen to be near JVC equipment.

2005-12-05, 17:10

Are you using the stock remote that comes with Squeezebox?

Upgrading the firmware on your player won't have any effect on your
remote. :)


Ahh, I see. My mistake, I got my remotes mixed up. You are right, my JVC remote was changing the SB and the amp (which presumably is why it started happening after the upgrade). I will try telling SB to ignore JVC codes (thanks snarlydwarf). Sorry, I originally said it was my SB remote that was now doing both, and of course you are right, the firmware couldn't have changed that.

Regards, Ian

PS Thanks for your reply, it is great to get something from the horse's mouth. SB is fantastic, best toy I've ever bought & the envy of everyone I know (it's not widely available in NZ). And AlienBBC is awesome, much better than listening to shows directly via my computer.