View Full Version : stange bug: changing volume & add songs to playlist

2005-12-04, 23:55
Okay, made the title descriptive to help anyone searching. I went through the first 10 pages of posts and searched a few strings and haven't found the answer yet.

So, what's my problem? My SB2 behaves a little erratic. When changing the volume or adding songs to the library the screen instantly changes back. I don't think it did that last night. The SB3 definitely doesn't do that. When I change the volume the SB3 stays on that screen for at least a second giving me the chance to see where the volume is and adjust it further.

I checked my server settings too. I can't seem to find what's missing or if it was something I caused. Any help is appreciated.


2005-12-05, 01:13
Fixed. Updated the firmware and rebooted. Strange since I just plugged it in yesterday and the first thing you do is update the firmware. Oh well, at least leave it searchable for others.