View Full Version : Alien BBC

2005-12-04, 15:56
Have installed Alien BBC as per instructions on OSX 10.4,but plugin appears in Slimserver,and can browse to BBC audio on Squeezebox,it fails to connect,just keeps trying.
mplayer only works from command if line if I precede with/usr/local/bin/mplayer- etc. the it works.
It doesnt work just mplayer -
I am nearly there,I have removed the # to uncomment the lines in the conf file.
I could use some help.
Should I have created a ~/usr/local/bin instead of using the main /usr/local/bin.?

2005-12-04, 16:18
I have fixed it ,I just set the path in mplayer.sh to app=/usr/local/bin/mplayer.
All now works though the stream stutters a little.
How an non-unix person would sort this out is worrying.
My LPI stuff helps a lot.