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2005-12-04, 02:36
Just got my squeezebox. Very nice, better than the MP101 I have too.
Generally working very well, but I wondered if anyone has managed to get the radio feed from BBC Radio to work ?
I was on the squeeze network and BBC Radio 5 Live is under one of the picks, but does not play.
I tried to enter the "Tune in" option this morning using the RAM URL and all the player does is say connecting, connecting. The name appears correctly.

Is there a plugin for the server, or is it just not possible ?

Thanks in advance

2005-12-04, 02:45
Found AlienBBC.
Odd that doing and initial search on BBC found nothing.
Now to play

2005-12-04, 03:28
Excellent. Nice to hear the radio in the bedroom. reception where I live is dire, so only radio I have had recently is over the freeview boxes.