View Full Version : slimp3 has problems with quite a few 10/100 switches

2005-12-02, 02:04
I just moved my good old slimp3 around in the house and got some serious trouble in getting it connected to the network again. First I thought of problems with the cable or the dhcp server, but then it turns out that some of my more recent 10/100 switches do have problems with slimp3's 10 Mbit, maybe because of the half-duplex thing. It took some time until I realized this. As a matter of fact the slimp3 doesnt work with two out of three from my 10/100 mdi-x switches (all cheap fanless modells). It works ok with my gigabit switch.

So, if you move your slimp3 around and get connection problems, keep this in mind. Looks to me as the never cheapo switches don't really take care of 10 Mbit.

2005-12-02, 07:56
Are you running firmware 2.3?

2005-12-02, 11:42
yes, it is 2.3

One of the switches it doesn't work with is a level one FSW-0507TX (5-port 10/100 desktop switch).