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2005-12-01, 12:55
Hi All,
Is there any way to use the Slim Server software to "touch up" the mp3 tags on mp3 files? For example, I like to view the list of artists that I have and then select an album. But sometimes you'll see artist names like:

Elvis Costello
Elvis Costello/Annie Sofer

and so on... I'd like to condense it down so that anything that starts with Elvis Costello just falls into that artist name. I guess I don't care if I lose the "Annie Sofer" information - sometimes with other programs I'll move stuff like that into the "notes" section...

Any ideas?



2005-12-01, 13:05
At the moment, the Slim software will not (re)write tag information.

You will need a 3rd party tagger, of which there are many.