View Full Version : Problems finding shows on the Live Music Archive via Squeezenetwork

2005-11-30, 20:29
Is there any reason why shows with available MP3 versions on the live music archive would not be accessible via the SB?

I'm attempting to listen to moe from 11/26/05. There are several versions available on the Live Music Archive, all in MP3 format. However, the most recent moe show coming up when I browse on the Sqeezie is 9/4/05 and there have been plenty since.

Usually when I see a show and it pops up on the LMA, I'm able to access it as soon as it's available.

I also checked another band I listen to from the archive and none of their recent shows are coming up but I know they are in the archive. I listened to some just a few weeks ago via the SB and now they no longer appear when browsing from the SB.

Anyone have any ideas?

ps - Not sure if this is related, but when I used to browse the archive via the Squeezie, it would take a few seconds for bands to load, years to load and shows within a year to load. Now everything is popping up instantly. Is it possible an old imprint of the archive is somehow cached on the Squeezenetwork (I already tried rebooting my box by holding down the power button).

2005-11-30, 21:47
There was a new version of the Archive plugin that was put up on the squeezenetwork several weeks ago (which pre-fetches the database, which is why browsing of shows doesn't have to fetch from the archive). This new version tickled a bug in slimserver. I believe a fix is in the works.


2010-08-01, 10:08
I know this is a [very] old post but there seems to be many many SB users who are frustrated by this bug. Unfortunately the Logitech support folks don't seem to be aware of the widespread impact. I contacted support about this and they suggested trying to rally support for bug 10063:


The developers prioritize the bugs they work based on customer impact (ie. Importance in bugzilla) so the more votes this bug gets the better the shot at getting a proper fix. Ideally the fix will involve building the LMA content dynamically rather than having to hope for periodic (ie. infrequent) DB updates.