View Full Version : SB2 issue with Music Folders

2005-11-30, 20:09
I have an issue more often than not when trying to play music when viewing songs via "browse music folders". It works sometimes. but other times it's just as if the remote is not working? Should I not be able to highlight a album or track and press play? I'm running 6.2.1 SS.


2005-11-30, 20:38
After reading my post I realized I should give more info. It is only the "play key" that does not seem to operate correctly. Is there any setting or reason why when turning on the unit and using the browse music folder section and selecting a track or album and pressing "play" it should not play?

2005-12-01, 08:46
I've had the same problem and what I've found to fix it, and this is with the Linux release of Slimserver, is to just restart the slimserver.pl process. Problem solved.