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Thomas J. Angstman
2005-11-30, 17:16
I have tried to install musicmagic on a freebsd box that runs slimserver
flawlessly. I have corresponded with predixis support, but so far, they
don't know how to fix it (I have tried all their suggestions). Any
suggestions? The error code I receive is shown below:

Hey TJ!

The error 'Cannot load library: NativeEngine" usually means that the
installation is corrupted. In this case, check that
/home/tj/Predixis/MusicMagicMixer/lib/MusicMagic is present and has
executable permission. The Java settings appear to be okay, since this
error message comes from java code. The easiest and proably the most
effective solution would be to re-install MusicMagic Mixer from the
original distribution file.

Hope that helps! Let me know how it goes!


rachel (AT) predixis (DOT) com

Predixis Corporation