View Full Version : FLAC files lose correct positioning after ff/rev

2005-11-30, 08:03
Sorry if this has been covered before - a quick search did not drum up any pertinent articles...

I have noticed, both on 6.2 and 6.5b1, that while playing any FLAC file, if I hold down << or >> to rev or ff through a song, I end up with a bogus indication of position (progress bar and time in "show elapsed"). The problem gets worse if you try to scan backward past the start of a song (into the previous song). Works for MP3s, but for FLAC, it sticks at the boundary, and then when you play again, the progress bar is wrong - the song will even end with the bar in the middle somewhere. When the song ends and goes to the next song, it is then correct for the new song, unless I scan around in that song again. This happens consistently for any FLAC I've tried. Anyone else see this? I can file a bug, but I wanted to ping the list first.