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2005-11-29, 14:22
Hey all,

Here is my current setup:

- Squeezebox 3
- SlimServer (latest version) running from my wife's PC where all the FLAC files are located

I have a laptop on our home network that when I am at home, I would like to be able to use softsqueeze to listen to the music (Yes, I know I could easily point any player to her drive on the network, but I like the whole "Browse" features of softsqueeze).

Is this possible and any tricks in setting it up? I have SlimServer on her PC up and running and the Squeezebox 3 plays just fine...but when I turn on SoftSqueeze, it doesn't seem to connect to the SlimServer on her computer...

Thanks in advance for any help!

2005-11-29, 14:29
If both machines are on the same network you should just be able to point softsqueeze to the computer name (the one with slimserver running)

Click the button in the top left and type in the computer name in there and that should hopefully be it


2005-11-29, 17:04
Hmmmmmm, when you say put the name of her computer in there...where exactally?

I put \\Theresa in the Slimserver Hostname and left everthing else alone....

\\Theresa_desktop is the name of her computer on the network and if I type that into a cmd line I can "see" her computer.

Or do I need to point it to a specific place on her computer?

2005-11-29, 17:07
I think just "Theresa_desktop" (without quotes) should do it.

2005-11-29, 19:32
Thank you...it works great without the \\ normally used in networking!

2005-11-29, 19:57
Thank you...it works great without the \\ normally used in networking!

Normally used in windows networking - there's a difference ;)

2005-11-29, 20:37
Your all way smarter then me, I have no idea, just glad it works :)