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2005-11-29, 01:24
A new problem started this morning. I'm seeing audio dropouts caused by low buffer fullness. This corrects itself after a few minutes, but the problem then returns repeatedly. Fullness drops to 0 or close to 0 and stutters start. After a while, fullness goes back up to 100%, except at the end of tracks, as expected. The problem is the same on my both my units, SB2 and SB3. Signal strength is OK, 80% and 60%.
I was running 6.2.1 v5107 with v27 firmware. Ive just upgraded to 6.2.2 v 5295 with v28 firmware - but the problem is still there.

Last night I did upgrade the firmware in my router/access point (Netgear DG384G) since I had been having lots of connection difficulties. These now seem better, but I've got dropouts instead. The router reports 0 collisions, so that seems OK.

Anyone else seen this? or have any suggestions to diagnose and fix?


2006-04-09, 00:13
Hi Nigel

Not sure if you are still around, but I have the same problem as you and I have the same router. I have tried lots of things suggested on posts in these forums (wired vs wireless, software upgrades/downgrades, performance monitoring, firewall settings, etc) and stuff from tech support (including a wireless card replacement for my squeezebox). Nothing has made a difference to the problem.

I know now, that the Squeezebox isn't really worth the asking price. It appears to be very much beta in my user experiences, which is a shame. I have noticed a few performance problems posted here on the forums never actually get solved which is also a shame.

I will be upgrading my wireless router in a few months and maybe there will be a difference, I am not sure. I have given up caring getting my squeezebox working correctly 100%. Nearly four months of troubleshooting has lead to zero results.

2006-04-09, 00:53
I had buffer problems and they vanished when I moved from 6.2.1 to 6.5b1.


2006-04-10, 21:32
Thanks for the update sean.
Did you install over the older files or did you do a clean installation after uninstalling the old files?

2006-04-11, 09:28
I have a similar problem but am thinking it's file issues, hadn't considered buffering... How do I get 6.5b to test? Better than resampling all my files...

Mark Lanctot
2006-04-11, 10:10
I have a similar problem but am thinking it's file issues, hadn't considered buffering... How do I get 6.5b to test? Better than resampling all my files...


But 6.5 is considered beta. You may want to try 6.2.2 instead (pre-release as opposed to beta, should be more stable): http://www.slimdevices.com/downloads/nightly/latest/6.2.2/

Also there's no need to resample all your files. SlimServer can limit bitrate on the fly. Go to Player Settings - Audio - Bitrate Limiting.

2006-04-11, 14:29
Hi guys
This problem went away for me a while ago. If I remember correctly, the problem appeared to be interference from another wireless lan in the street. Everyone seems to use the default channel (11). I changed over to 5 and it worked fine.

I used Netstumbler to see what other networks were around and to measure signal strength

(I'm now using 6.5b1 rel 6490 and its very stable for me - I needed to upgrade to run Ben K's excellent Nokia skin on my 770)

Good luck

2006-04-14, 16:46
Well I have plugged my squeezebox directy into the router, opened up all the ports to it on my netgear dg834g router, reset the channel from 11 to 9 and installed the latest nightly build of 6.5b1.
One major difference I have noticed is that I can actually stream music through squeezenetworks - which I haven't been able to use ever since I purchased my squeezebox.
The menu navigation is still stilted and slow, but at least the streaming works sometimes.
Unfortunately the audio dropouts while playing FLAC and MP3 files wirelessly from my laptop have increased in frequency.

Seems this model of router has an issue with low throughput wirelessly:
Will have to wait to upgrade my router to see if it makes any difference.