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2005-11-28, 19:29
I currently have a Dell Latitude D600 with an almost full Hard Drive. I plan to purchase a Linksys wireless g router and also a Maxtor one touch 120G external hard drive.

My question:

Will I be able to set up my laptop to play my music files from my external hard drive easily?

Thanks, Mike

2005-11-28, 20:11
So the maxtor drive connected will be connected to the Dell, where your music will be stored? Then you will either be running slimserver on the Dell, or running it on the laptop with your music directory shared. The former would be a better choice.

You can run softsqueeze on your laptop, or any mp3 streaming music client such as iTunes or WinAmp.

2005-11-29, 03:35
Yes, it will be very easy, once you plug in the external hard drive, it will show up in the same way as a local drive would, simply point the software to the new one (for example F:)

MrC - the Dell Latitude is the laptop


2005-11-29, 04:56
Thanks. That's what I wanted to know.