View Full Version : Interface Feature Requests etc.

2005-11-28, 17:22
After testing all of the interfaces for Slimserver, I still can't decide between Fishbone and ExBrowse3.
ExBrowse seems to be technically more advanced, obviously featuring Javascript to drag and drop playlist items etc. Very nice.

Then again, fishbone has several advantages, as the free "split pane" adjustment, the better information screen on the right side (bit rate, album cover etc.). Also the playlist/play icons beneath each album cover in the "browse artwork" view.
Wouldn't it be possible to merge the benefits of these two styles? Like adding the drag and drop feature to Fishbone or better display/control features to ExBrowse3?

And while we're at it: I like the "Browse by Artwork" view very much. However I would prefer the possibility to sort by artist/album instead of album only. I didn't find a way to configure this. Any chance to change/add this?

Last but not least: when adding a thumbnail picture (thumb.jpg) to an album directory, Slimserver doesn't seem to find it when doing a normal rescan. I need to "clear database and rescan everything" to make the new thumbnails appear. Is this the way it is supposed to be?