View Full Version : RE: Overlay idea

2003-12-05, 14:12
That's fine for the return from lines(), but how would you extend that to
allow for other modules, like animation or block to add in their 2 cents?
How would you do the bouncing ball for Karaoke (which could be an overlay on
the top line which moves across at a given rate)?

And for your second example, I'd prefer something more like
<line>Now Playing<overlay align=right>00:34</overlay></line>
<line>03. Mama's Got a Squeezebox<overlay

> I'd prefer passing the overlay information as part of the
> string, like
> we do for cursor position, etc.
> Imagine a now playing screen expressed as this string:
> Now Playing__overlay_right__00:34\n
> 03. Mama's Got A Squeezebox__overlay_right____vfD_notesymbol_Vfd__
> Also note that rather than having an array of lines, we just
> include a
> line break character (\n) and send the whole screen as a
> single string.
> Or even better:
> <screen>Now Playing<rightalign>00:34</rightalign><br>
> 03. Mama's Got a Squeezebox<rightalign>&note;</rightalign></screen>
> Whatever system we come up with, I'd like to make sure that it can
> handle:
> - Non-fixed width characters
> - Displays with less or more than 2 lines
> - Displays with less or more than 40 characters
> Doing overlays that use character positions, probably won't cut it.