View Full Version : NEW iTunes Playlists Not Appearing

2005-11-28, 14:09
Using Win XP (SP2), iTunes and SS 6.2.1

My old playlists (old meaning that they've been around for "a while" though I really don't know how long) work fine. They appear and play just fine both in SS and on my Squeezebox.

But any playlist or smart playlist I add doesn't show up either in SS or on the Squeezebox.

I've rescanned the music library. I've rescanned the playlists. I've chosen to use iTunes in "Server Settings." But nothing. I've shut down and restarted SS. Nothing. I've tried changing the prefix that is applied to iTunes playlists and it works fine (changes correctly).

The songs in the playlists show up fine when searching by artist, genre, etc.

Haven't found anything on the forum about this issue. Lots of posts about NO playlists showing up or functioning, but nothing about NEW playlists showing up or functioning.


2005-12-07, 21:38
I'm having the exact same problem, only new playlists aren't showing up in either SS or the SB2. I'm using SS 6.2.1 and iTunes Anyone have any ideas or solutions. I've rescanned playlists and entire library several times, no effect existing playlists are there but new playlists are not showing up or added. :(

2005-12-10, 00:35
Are you telling me that no one else has had this problem or has a solution for it???


2005-12-10, 13:54
I have a similar issue in that if I change a playlist in I-tunes, the changes dont take effect in the squeezebox...

Craig, James (IT)
2005-12-12, 07:27
Seems like a lot of people have been reporting this recently.
There is a bug open at the moment
That you may wish to contribute to or keep an eye on.

With so many people having the same problem it's difficult to know what
to suggest,
but try enabling the d_itunes debugging option, start a new scan and
check the log for errors...


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2006-02-18, 13:00
...but sadly, I have no solution to offer. I too have read many posts about *no* playlists appearing, but I've been able to get all my existing playlists on the SB and they play just fine. However, even when I've set the "rescan iTunes library" interval to 30 seconds, forced library rescans, just playlist rescans, etc. I can't get the SB to see newly added iTunes playlists. This is a bummer. Anyone out there have an answer?

2006-02-18, 13:10
Well, I tried again with setting the iTunes library update to a small number, like 30 seconds. After I did that (don't know why this didn't work the first time), there was a period of choppiness on the SB, and I knew something was happening back at the server. Well, a few minutes later the sound smoothed out, and my new playlists had appeared! Amazing. I'm not sure why the "Rescan Playlists Only" option didn't do it, but at least it works....for now...