View Full Version : How do I tune in to Internet AAC stream?

2005-11-27, 09:11
I presently have an SB2 and a couple of PC running Softsqueeze set up at home. All are usually tuned to Radio Paradiseís 128kbit MP3 stream. To preserve my broadband connection bandwidth Iíve installed Slimserver on a Linux server in the basements. That way a single MP3 stream flows from the Internet to the Slimserver and all the home clients get their streams from the Slimserver over a high bandwidth home network. At least thatís the way I think it works?

Now I would like to use Radio Paradiseís 64kbit AAC stream since it seems to have equivalent quality to the 128mbit MP3 stream and uses half the bandwidth. I canít figure out how to get the clients to connect to that Internet stream though the Slimserver! Is it possible? The Shoutcast streams listed under the Internet Radio menu selection are all MP3.

2005-11-27, 11:46
Nevermind, this question may be moot anyway. Am I correct in my belief that SB2 does not support AAC+?

2005-11-27, 13:54
You would be able to play by getting slimserver to transcode it to another format the the squeezebox understands natively. Don't know exactly how this is done, but there should either be more info somewhere on the website or in these forums :)

either that or someone more knowlegable can help