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2005-11-26, 18:28
I'm checking here to see if anyone else is having problems with their Terastation and Slimserver 6.2.x installs.

Ever since I installed Slimserver on my Terastation the whole NAS crashes at least once a day. Every time this happens the Terasation spends the next 10 hours rebuilding/rescaning the RAID array. I've not been able to correlate any specific reason for the crash. Sometimes it crashes as soon as I start playing a song other times is crashes when I am browsing my music library with the Slimserver web interface. Sometimes it plays for hours without problems then I wake up the next day and the Terastaiton is rebuilding the RAID array again. When I have witnessed the crashes Slimserver locks up, then the Terastation locks up then the Terastation reboots and begins rebuilding the RAID array. The Terastation is on a UPS so I know its not having power issues (first thought the Buffalo support guys had).

I have 3 Squeezeboxes on order and am just about to throw in the towel on this whole idea. I dont mind Slimserver crashing but I can't loose my NAS for 10 hours a day while it rescans and rebuilds the RAID array. I also don't have the time to continue to troubleshoot the system.

I shut Slimserver down after the last crash a few days ago and the Terastation has not had a single problem in that time. I have forwarded all my logs to Kevin but I can't find a single error message in any of them. I've spent a lot of time reading the ReadyNAS forums and it seems many users have similar lockups using that device and the Infrant supported version of Slimserver.

Is anyone else with a Terastation having these issues?

2005-11-27, 05:02
I'm using a Terrastation just for library storage, with SlimServer running on a Mini-Mac. No stability issues whatsoever. They're both hidden away in a cupboard. I installed VNC on the Mac so that if I ever need to get to it (eg to upgrade SlimServer or MusicMagic) I can do so from my Windows PC/Laptop. Currently only one SB, but about to add six more.

2005-11-27, 16:13
Thank you but I'm interested in people who are running slimserver ON the Terastation.

Marc D.Field
2005-11-28, 08:36
avalonpb wrote:
>Thank you but I'm interested in people who are running slimserver ON the

I'm running 6.1.1 on the LinkStation with no problems. Does 6.1.1 also give you problems?


2006-02-19, 08:52
I've been running slim server on my Terrastation for 6 months, and I've had a couple of glitches, but nothing like what you're describing. What version of code are you running on your Terrastation?