View Full Version : Can't connect to slim server..Pls Help

2005-11-26, 12:45
I was running 6.2.2 very well with only one problem.
I went into bugzilla a logged the problem.

I've since downloaded 6.5b1 and tried it out. It not only didn't resolve my entered issue, it had created another issue. So I downloaded 6.2.2 from the nightlys and installed it.

I now cannot not connect to the slimserver. I can connect to my wireless network which my SB2 sees aok but it doesn't want to connect to the software that holds all the music.

The error states that it can't connect to SlimServer.

Someone please help.

Thank you

I'm running windows xp sp2 no firewall, 128 bit wep, 6.2.2 11/26/05 nightly,

And this was working before I installed 6.5b1

Btw, when I attempt to access slim server via explorer, I get the dreaded page cannot be displayed error message

2005-11-27, 11:53
Sounds kinda like the SlimServer service might not be running. Have you checked that?
Try this first: start>run> services.msc
scroll down to SlimServer, and make sure that it's shown as 'started', and its startup type is set to 'automatic'. (double-click on the line to open a box to change these, if necessary.)

Good luck, and may the force be with you.

2005-11-27, 18:16
When all else fails, uninstall and reinstall.
All is well again

2005-11-27, 21:34
Glad to hear that you got up & running again.
But, bad man there with no firewall (are you mad, man, in this day & age? lol)

Now, if only I could get SoftSqueeze to work from work..........

2005-11-28, 04:28
Now, if only I could get SoftSqueeze to work from work..........

Why not use iTunes or Winamp?

I stream music from Slimserver running at home all over the world...Bombay, Baghdad, Beirut...no problem.

Be sure to load LAME (Slimserver/server/bin in windows) and have the ability to adjust your bitrates down to 64kb if needed to keep it smooth.

Most of my files are encoded at VBR running up to 320kb/s...by being able to lower that bitrate on the fly, I can listen even from poor quality hotel connections where 100 users might be sharing one 512kb/s bandwidth.