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2005-11-26, 10:52
Running Slimserver v6.2.1 on a Mac mini, with an SB3 I'm having problems with wake on lan. The "wake" part works just fine, but the machine goes to sleep again after the alotted time period even if the squeezebox is still playing. The power settings on the mac are set to sleep after 2 hours and to let the hard disc sleep when possible. Does anyone know how I can get the server to stay awake while playing?


Dr. T
2005-11-29, 18:21
Xio's problem is echoed by me. Playing my SB2 used to keep my Mac from falling asleep. After installing SlimServer 6.2.2, my Mac sleeps (and SB2 stops) while playing music. Is there an update that fixes this?

2005-12-20, 08:41
I've the same issue on a Windows XP machine. I'm running wireless SB2 with 6.2.

I've set the PC to go to standby after 1 hour, with both network checkboxes checked (WOL and "Admin Only").

The SB will happily wake the PC up, but after an hour it goes back to sleep - if the SB is still playing it waits till the end of the song.

2005-12-20, 09:11
Do a search, this has been discussed at length.

2005-12-20, 09:39
Hi Vdorta,

Yes, it appears that a mixed bag of related wake on lan issues (including our one) are discussed here:


and here...


I'm going to try to change the MySQL setting (Sever Settings > Performance > "Keep Unswapped Interval") to less than 30 minutes to see if that makes any difference.

2005-12-20, 09:57
I'm running into a similar issue trying to run SlimServer remotely. I have to leave my computer running at all times, or the connection breaks when the computer goes into standby.

2005-12-20, 11:44
Gads, Windows is broken.


Your computer may unexpectedly resume from standby or hibernation and then automatically return to standby or hibernation after two minutes.

(sound familiar?)

This behavior is by design.


It appears that 'drivers' can periodically kick some timers in Windows to reset the "yes, I'm busy, please don't go back to sleeeeep!"

I don't know if 'applications' can or can't. (Slimserver would have to be able to call the DontGoBackToSleep() system call, assuming such a thing exists, every X minutes if any of the clients was still in play mode.)

I don't think the 'keep sql in ram' thing will help. If the activity timer is based on 'driver' level things (ie, keyboard, mouse, etc) then it will still go back to sleep. If it's based on 'disk activity' then it won't go to sleep.

My guess is that for Windows, you'll have to manually sleep your computer with a keyboard button, and that it won't be able to go back to sleep on a timer -- that's what that knowledgebase article implies to me.

And, yes, I think that's broken, too, but... I don't use Windows, just got curious at how broken it is. :)

2006-01-15, 05:56

Posted regarding this what seems ages ago; since the WMA decoding is done in the SB now with the new firmware, not enough traffic/workload is generated to keep the server awake.
Stating that Windows is broken is just plain dumb (especially since this is also reported by Mac users); my setup worked beatifully before the firmware update - firmware 16 was the last one that could actually keep the server awake.

My work around so far has been to use the old firmware with the new server versions; it requires a shutdown of the server and a replacement of the contents of the firmware folder(s), the ver. 16 firmware will then be the one used (and I have had no problems so far).

2006-01-26, 03:30
Hi Getprogs,

I've been putting this off as long as possible in the hope that a fix would present itself, but I'm getting sick of the PC turning itself off while I'm listening to tunes and don't want to have the PC on all the time.

I'm a bit worried about turning the SB into a brick - can you (or anyone else for that matter!) walk me through the steps to restore the previous version of the firmware?

Thanks in advance!

2006-01-30, 22:28
Don-Quay --

I was able to revert my Squeezebox2 to firmware 15 (works OK with 6.2.1). But my Windows XP machine still goes to sleep after five minutes (from my power setting) while I am trying to play music. Maybe it's because I am using FLACs (not WMAs) which I think are decoded on the Squeezebox2 (thus not causing activity on the PC).

Anyone seen any new solutions to this issue?

2006-01-31, 00:51
There has been a bug entry made for this recently. And because the solution is rather easy to implement, I hope we will see it soon.

See here and vote for it ;)