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2005-11-26, 10:34
Since the squeezebox sorts music with info from the ID3 tags I have to tag all files correctly. Tagging is easy with easytag, http://easytag.sourceforge.net/ , but after renaming and retagging the files can't be played anymore by slimserver. It doesn't matter if I do a "look for new.." or a "clear library.." search. Most files/artists/albums show up with the different browsers but they are not played. THe SB say's "can't open file". I deleted the database but that didn't help either.

Permissions are right, files exist and can be played with other players. Using the d_scan or d_files debug option didn't give me any clue either,
I have been looking at the tags for a long time but just don't see what's wrong with them. Format doesn't matter, in this case it's mp3 or ogg.

While typing this post I tried d_source, finally I know what's going on:

openSong: getting duration , size , endian and offset 0 for file:///home/share/music/Jayhawks/Hollywood%20Town%20Hall/01%20-%20Waiting%20For%2
2005-11-26 18:26:28.1854 openSong: not bothering opening file with zero size or duration
2005-11-26 18:26:28.1855 Error opening current track, so mark it as already played
2005-11-26 18:26:28.1875 ERROR: Couldn't open song.

Did I do something wrong in the tags? Do I have to add some extra info to the tags? Or is there some server setting to skip this missing info?


2005-11-28, 09:47
I've seen this error too. The only way I've found to be able to get rid of it is to delete (or move) the offending files, rebuild the library from scratch, then put the files back and rescan the library. I'm not sure if it has to do with the tags, as the files that failed for me weren't even tagged yet! I had just ripped them off a CD.

One other interesting note is that it always seemed like the first song ripped off the CD would be OK in slimserver, but all the rest off the same CD would fail.

I could find no real pattern or reason for slimserver to be barfing one one ripped CD and not another. Again, the files played fine in other media players.


2005-11-28, 10:23
Hi bigengineer,

Simply stop the Server delete the Database manual and restart the Server.

btw. the Rescan can need some time for the complete rebiuld of the Database...
since there is no need for the ID Tags to Play, just for sorting - there is no "special" Tag which is needed for playin...

Did you rename some files?

Maybe the Slimserver want to play the old files....

2005-11-29, 04:09
I have the music sorted in artist/album directory's. At first I thought that the album tag and album subdir didn't match. Maybe this was a cause. Renaming the album subdir's did helped here. I managed to get some more files and albums in the "browse album/artist" lists. But there is at least 1 album left that doesn't even play when you start from "browse music folder"

During renaming and retagging I scanned the music directory again and again, not only a rescan for new music but also a clean and rescan. I deleted the database and rescanned, but still not all the files showed up.

For now I can play most of the mnusic I have. The only annoyance is that not all music can be found with "browse artist". But there is always the "browse music folder" option.

2005-11-30, 00:24
It seems that problem was that tags and album folders didn't match. I did some tag editting again and the database seems to getting bigger.

Easytag for tag editting is great. But I tried "the godfather" and that is briliant. Unfortunately only available for windows.