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2005-11-26, 05:51
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Patrick Dowling
2005-11-27, 17:43
I use and have been quite happy with Aqua Data Studio http://
aquadatastudio.com/index.html which has two versions one that is free
for personal use and an older one which is free for all use
commercial or personal.


On Nov 26, 2005, at 6:50 AM, Jim wrote:

> Anyone know of a reasonable freeware SQL client? I personally use the
> excellant 'Navicat' (http://www.navicat.com) client but that costs
> money. I know Access could be used with ODBC but that's crap, and
> again costs money.
> I was thinking of putting together a few SQL tutorials so people could
> look at their SlimServer data, spot problems, find out things etc...
> Obvious things could be reports of missing tags, dodgy looking
> files, a
> list of files recognised compared to a dir list for example.
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