View Full Version : Playlist issues

2005-11-25, 14:18
I've been fiddling with saving/saved playlists, and I have the following observations:

1. When I click the "Save" link on the playlist, I am presented with a "browse" window for the playlist. This makes no sense to me; why would I want to add tracks that are already in the playlist? It would make much more sense to be presented the "edit" window for the playlist. For example, if the tracks were generated by Random play, (I like to save the random lists so I won't forget good ideas for building lists later), you might want to delete some odd tracks that don't fit, or rearrange the tracks.

2. When I save a track under an existing name, the page is redisplayed with the note about the name being taken and the "Confirm Overwrite" checkbox, and the "Save" button has been replaced by a "Rename" button. I think it would be better to have the "Confirm Overwrite" checkbox available on the initial page. (An I don't get "Rename", since I'm not renaming anything; "Replace" would be more accurate. Of course, this is moot if the "Confirm overwrite" checkbox is available initially.)

3. Finally, a bug (I believe). If I load a saved playlist, navigate to the last song, then begin adding songs with random play (or any other means of adding, I suppose), I cannot save the altered playlist. If I click Save, the original, unaltered playlist appears in the browse window.