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2005-11-25, 12:49
Any more news on the Qnap ts-101 or ts-401 yet?

i would *really* like to get a SB3 (or two) but can't until i get storage and server sorted out which i'm hoping to do with one of these (probably the 101).


2005-11-25, 14:21
I ordered one yesterday. Indicated delivery date is first week in December. Now is that next week or the week after? I also ordered a Nokia 770 which won't ship till December either. I'm getting impatient already ...

2005-11-26, 01:44
Cooltopia atill say November on their website which is a little annoying. would be good it it was a little more axact :/

Yeah i'd like a 770 too, but it's in the middle of a long list of toys i'd like :)

2005-11-26, 01:59
I too have been waiting for the Qnap ts-401.
There is still no info on this device on cooltopia. Novmember must have a different week structure to cooltopia, as mid-novemember has been and gone in my calendar!!!
Come on Paul - where is the 401???!!!!


EDIT: Can't believe I spelt November so wrong twice!! (left as is for amusement!)

2005-11-26, 09:44
Mine is ordered from Cooltopia. As is the case with new techy toys, release dates tend to slip. The sales team advised first week in December on Thursday just before I ordered mine. I'm hoping this means next week (December 1st being Thursday) although I suspect it might be the first complete week in December. We'll see ...

2005-11-26, 17:02
I had an update from Qnap on TS-101 this week and they hope to ship us our first delivery w/c 5/12/05. Nothing I can do about it sorry.

TS-401T will be available for pre-order next week and should be availble at the same time as the TS-101.

I will keep you posted with further details as soon as I have them.


Progressive Consumer Electronics Ltd

2005-11-26, 18:34
Thanks for the update; I can wait. ;)

2005-11-27, 04:05
Thanks paul