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2005-11-25, 08:25
Can anyone help with a small problem I have:

I can get the Squeezebox (2) to connect to the computer and play back MP3's and I can get onto Squeezenetwork, but I can't get any other radio stations to play.

I have installed AlienBBC and that can't find any programs.

The server connects to the internet fine and I can ping www.bbc.co.uk through it.

I have tried the mplayer test and that also worked fine.

Any ideas?

System information:
Slimserver 6.2.1 running on Win NT, both wired to the router.

2005-11-25, 10:44
On 25/11/05 at 07:25 -0800, audiofi wrote
>I have installed AlienBBC and that can't find any programs.

If you mean that it can't find programs, there has to be an error in
your installation of AlienBBC.

If the programs show up in the AlienBBC menu but won't play, try
increasing the timeout for radio. Sorry I can't recall exactly where
that option is in the Web interface.
Daniel Cohen

2005-11-25, 11:40
Are you using AlienBBC V1.0? If you have a firewall you need to ensure socketwrapper can access the internet in addition to the slim.exe and mplayer. Does the AlienBBC appear in the Radio section of the server (localhost:9000)

2005-11-25, 11:46

Yes, AlienBBC 1.0 and it does appear in the menu's etc.

I've had a look around and it seems that Squeezenetwork works fine, but if accessing any via the PC, radio, podcasts or RSS feeds, none of them work.

It seems it can't find the internet if connecting through slimserver, but the computer can access the internet fine.

The firewall is setup to allow everything out and block everything in if that helps.

This one has me stumped I'm afraid, I'm probably missing a setting somewhere.



2005-11-25, 13:07
I've tried running it with the --d_plugin and get the following error:

"cannot connect to http daemon to get playlist at /PerlApp/Slim/Utils/Scan.pm line 434"

Any ideas based on that?


2005-11-25, 14:40
Just to add, I have just tried a full re-install without AlienBBC and it still refuses to play internet radio.

Is this a Squeezebox problem, or a Windows NT issue?

2005-11-25, 15:43
The following was the fix in another thread for the "cannot connect to http daemon problem".

Try setting a longer timeout for radio stations: "server settings - network - radio station timeout"