View Full Version : Synchronize PC Playback w/ Squeezebox?

2005-11-23, 16:56
I just bought a Squeezebox on-line and it hasn't arrived yet. I've searched through the forums here and read about synchronization of 2+ players feeding off of a SlimServer, but is it possible to synchronize the audio being played on a Squeezebox and off of the PC running the SlimServer itself through the PC speakers? I really hope this is the case. Perhaps this will be obvious when I get it installed/configured, but if someone could give me a short reply, it would be appreciated.

2005-11-23, 19:04
One way would be to use SoftSqueeze on the SlimServer - it is basically a java virtual Squeezebox which you can synch with physical squeezeboxes. Works for me most of the time. I'm sure there will be more sophisticated/complicated methods as well.

2005-11-23, 19:16
>One way would be to use SoftSqueeze on the SlimServer

You can also use SoftSqueeze on machines that do not have SlimServer
installed. It does not have to run on the same machine as SlimServer.

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2005-11-24, 00:10
There are tips on doing syncronization with the SoftSqueeze. I can get it to work, but with full FLAC over wireless, I'm not getting a satisfactory sync between my PC speakers and a set in the other room. I can actually hear the difference from one set of speakers while in another room. I know it's not acoustics b/c I used to run it all through WinAmp with a hard wire out of the back of the PC.


Prepare to experiment with it. I'd be interested to hear if you get it working.

2005-11-24, 08:04
Thanks for all of the replies. I assumed their was a software version of squeezebox, but didn't know the name of it. Thanks for the help. This looks like the right solution.