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2005-11-23, 12:34
Hi all,
I am new to the world of slimdevices and such! I purchased a SB v3 wireless today. I have a Linux Server and I have ripped all my Music CD's to the server in WMAL format, I have some older music which I also copied accross in Mp3 format. MP3 Plays fine no problem at all but WMAL comes up with track name artist and such but the error "problem cant open file for:" instead of playing my music.

Do I have to re rip these CD's in a different format?


2005-11-23, 13:06
I _think_ you'll have problems with WMA lossless on linux, because SB3 only does regular WMA itself, and I don't think you can transcode WMA on linux due to the lack of wmadec (please feel free to correct me linux guys!). You shouldn't have to rerip though - use something like foobar2000 (assuming you have access to a windows box) and transcode to flac. Lossless conversion and it will work perfectly on your squeezebox.

2005-11-23, 13:27
bum, thanks for that. I liked the idea of not having to install diferent media software on my windows box and liked the way I can just rip cd's in media player to my network share! never mind.

2005-11-23, 14:28
Unless you're using WMP for a reason you could just convert to using something more capable (foobar/winamp/eac/whatever) on the XP box, and then you'd be set. I only have one set of files (in flac), and use them everywhere.