View Full Version : Re: CLI Patch for 5.4

2005-02-20, 12:29
> Thanks - commited. Is this patch valid for 6.0 as well?

Yes. Except the diff is based on crestronCLI.html and not the new name
and on the "old" Command.pm so I am not sure how simple it is for you
to apply it. In any case I will reaply the changes if needed to 6.0
once I get to test it (which I will do once the test program is done so
I have a stable, known working base).

>>As a side question: do we want to add the CLI testing program to
> Yes - we can do that. What is the state of the program?

Still work in progress, I was just asking for the future. Right now it
exercises almost everything except for the more advanced playlist xxx
commands on which I am working on.