View Full Version : Volume control not working in Explorer

2005-11-22, 15:57
I use both Internet Explorer and Opera. It turns out in Explorer I can not change the volume settings, while in Opera this is no problem. All the other settings PLAY/STOP/PAUSE I can change in Explorer and Opera. Only the volume settings are a problem? Any one got an idea?

2005-11-22, 17:39
Use Opera.

(hehe, sorry)

That's probably what many are thinking :D

In truth I don't know - firstly is this with the Default skin or only with complicated ones like Fishbone?

Do you have ad-blocking software that injects script blocking stuff into the code before your IE renders it? Have you deleted the Slimserver "Cache" folder (excpet the DB file of course unless you fancy a rescan).

Have you emptied IE's cache?

Is your slimserver running locally or on a server?

Test it with Firefox. Not that it will help, you just might think it's not worth investigating....

2005-11-23, 01:10
Found it! When you said something about the SKIN it got me thinking. I never fiddled with the SKIN. So, it turns out all the other SKINS work fine except for DEFAULT2. Changed it and it is working now. So thank you!