View Full Version : Requesting web page to keep SlimServer unswapped, re-request interval is 30 minutes

2005-11-22, 14:06
I'm getting this error in my log. Not really sure what it means. I am consistently losing connection from my Squeezebox to the server. I was going through my log and noticed this entry multiple times. Any ideas if this is the culprit?

Mac 10.3.9

Thanks in advance...

2005-11-22, 18:58
All this does is periodically load the slimserver web page to keep the service in memory.
I wouldn't imagine this causing an issue with losing the connection unless you have a very slow PC or are very low on RAM - do you lose the connection every 30 minutes?
You can turn the option off via the web interface and see if the symptoms go away.

2005-11-27, 11:17
Thanks Tass...

Nope, don't necessarily lose connection every 30 minutes. Rather, I was looking through the log and this was something I didn't recall seeing in the past. After seeing your response, I went through the server settings and noticed several thangs in there I hadn't seen before <blush>.

As it relates to losing server connection, the only thing that I have consistently seen is when the server is rescanning the library, both of my Squeezeboxes go dark and don't light up again until the server rescan is complete. However, I don't see anything in the log at all (I've forced the rescan and noticed the behavior). Very strange...