View Full Version : slow rescan of playlists = timeout

2005-11-22, 08:10
With 6.2(.x) it seems the slimserver software spends a long time rescanning my playlist file contents when i select the playlist from browse music -> browse music folder -> (playlist file). This is on a paltry 500 song playlist, so it's hard to believe it's too large, but my squeezebox (1) always times out and complains that it lost contact with the server when trying to play a playlist for the first time after the list has been modified. Subsequent plays of the same list do not cause timeouts.

Turning on d_scan (and several other debug options) results in the log file filling up with a description of each file in the playlist---attempt to parse the name, followed by data. No obvious errors anywhere, but a lot of data.

All my actual files are .wav files so it's not even opening them to look for tags. I've tried upgrading to 6.2.1 but it did not help. I've also tried playing with the sql options in the 6.2.1 server, but they made no obvious difference either. I've checked the network/server health plugin, and i'm usually at best/optimal settings or very close...when the timeouts happen the bufferfull entry shows a burst of "<10" entries and the server is also unresponsive. I also tried downgrading back to my previous 6.0, but the server wouldn't even launch/run any more, so i'm kind of stuck with 6.2.

System is linux (gentoo, 2.6 kernel), music directory is about 4k songs (all .wav files, so somewhere around 200Gig). Prior to 6.2 everything was working smoothly. Any info on how to diagnose/correct/proceed would be helpful.