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2005-11-21, 01:39
Is it possible for SlimServer to take an audio file or stream as input (through standard input, IP, or anything else)? If so, can it then redirect that to a squeezbox?

I tried to search the forum and see if anyone asked this before. One thread comes close and asks about the virtual sound driver. It would be nice that the SlimServer can act as a WDM audio driver to Windows, so that other audio programs can use SB as well. If it's not possible for SlimServer to behave like audio driver, and if it's possible for SlimServer to take a raw audio as input, then it's possible to write a program to fake like a WDM driver and redirect the audio stream to SlimServer, and in turn a SB.

I got this idea from my experience of doing real-time recording between two Windows audio programs, of which one supports WDM only as output and the other supports ASIO only as input. It was impossible at first until the developer for my pro-audio card wrote a small program that fakes the WDM driver on one end and outputs audio stream to the real ASIO driver on the other end.

If it seems to be a feasible idea, I do not mind investigate more what it takes. Sorry for the long post.

2005-11-21, 07:31
You can rig this up if you have software that can broadcast your audio source as a MP3 stream (such as NiceCast on the Mac). Then you can just tune into that stream on the SqueezeBox like it was an Internet Radio station. There will be a significant delay, but it works.

2005-11-21, 15:26
An official lossless implementation of this would be pretty neat.

To the box you can just send a realtime transcoded FLAC/WAV file as normal so the box can handle it for sure. Just needs someone smart to make the routine on the server, and the server to have enough punch to ensure no dropouts.

It might sound specialist, but thinking about it I can see one huge potential use which I am sure has been raised before......realtime playing of CD's.

The idea of the SB for many is to ditch the CD player. I actually did when I moved overseas and if I am really desperate to play a CD I have to use my PS2 ! It would be neat if as part of this feature the sound-ouput of a CD playing app could send that audio over to the server, as you can listen to a new CD without having to wait around ripping it first. I'm sure that's a feature many would want - very complicated I imagine though and of course there's the issue that this is platform specific, very "hardcore", and Perl probably ain't fast enough.

2005-11-21, 15:36
Before I got alienbbc working on wma radio streams, I had a tuner beside my linux server. The tuner received the local radio station and gave this via line-in to the linux server. The server converted this via darkice (or something like that - i dont exactly remember) into an mp3 stream which I transfered via shoutcast in my lan. The slimp3 was tuned to this shoutcast stream by means of a playlist, voila...

worked great, but with alienbbc i directly get the wma stream of this station into the slimp3 and the sb2 doesn't even need alienbbc anymore.

2007-02-22, 08:54
Up - has anybody found a solution to do this ?

2007-02-22, 10:42
Have you tried shoutcast, which is the commonly-recommended approach?

2007-02-22, 11:21
I'm going to try that one, looks promising !! thanks