View Full Version : Sudden conncectivity issues: not the usual suspects

2005-11-21, 00:07
I'm unsure what has happened, but I'm having difficulty both updating the firmware with my SB2, but also can no longer connect with SlimServer. Problems started soon after going to 6.2.1, but can't say if that was the problem. Every time I go through Network setup on the SB2, it says something like can't connect, go left to try again. Would appreciate any advice because I'm out of ideas.

Here's where I'm at:

WinXP sp2
Linksys Router
SB2 Firmware v. 24

1. SB2 connects fine to Squeezenetwork, so the SB2 itself can communicate with my router.
2. I've had connectivity issues to SlimServer before that were easily resolved by correcting the DNS server setting. This setting is correct.
3. All other settings available in IPConfig /all are correct with respect to SB2's settings.
4. Have turned windows firewall off to no effect.
5. Recently installed Norton Systemworks Premier. It doesn't appear to have a firewall associated with it, but I've disabled it now and again for testing just to be sure. No impact to restoring connectivity.
6. Yes I've tried rebooting.
7. Yes I've tried restarting the SlimServer service.
8. Can no longer force hardware update by holding brightness key.

I hope I'm overlooking something obvious. If anyone has a clue where to go next, please put it out there.

Thanks in advance,


2005-11-21, 00:14
Check that your MAC address matches the one on the tag on the bottom of the SB2.

Here's a thread for more reference:


2005-11-21, 14:14
Unhappily, I already checked the MAC. It's fine. Miss my SB2 like I 'd miss my right hand and left kidney.

A strange piece of this problem is that holding down the brightness key to force a firmware update causes the SB2 to LOCK UP HARD, requiring me to unplug it.

2005-11-21, 19:33
I had momentary success tonight. I re-entered the MAC address without immediate success. A few minutes later,my player showed up in the SlimSErver interface. However, while I could navigate music, I couldn't actually play music. It just wouldn't do anything. When I rebooted the slimserver service, I lost the connection and it hasn't ever come back.

2005-11-22, 06:25
Try switching off the Windows - SP2 firewall to rule out that from the equation.

2005-11-22, 09:45
Disabling the firewall was one of the first things I did.

I actually had success briefly last night. I reset my linksys router and things went fine, for awhile. After I rebooted my computer, I lost the connection again.