View Full Version : Sqeezebox without wireless MENU

2005-11-20, 11:54
I bought a sqeezebox at a local retailer yesterday but have problems with the wireless setup.

The problem that I have is that everything shows that it should have wireless capability but I do not get the MENU option for wireless setup. The following make it evident that it should be
wireless capable:
1. On the packaging box.
2. On the sqeezebox (There is a wireless MAC)
3. The manual.
4. An wireless antenna was packaged (and I fitted it to the sqeezebox). So it sure looks like it should be wireless capable.

However, when I attempt to setup the network, there is not even a option to choose between wired or wireless as indicated in the manual. It goes straight to the selection between static IP address and DCHP. It does not offer a wireless menu at all. I upgraded firmware. It reports VERSION 40.

The sqeezebox seems to work very well on the wired connection.

Any advice appreciated


2005-11-20, 12:38
You seem to have two problems - one with your wireless card (possibly unseated inside the box?) and the other with your retailer, who by the look of things has just sold you a Squeezebox 1, which was replaced in April of this year. I hope you didn't pay anything like current prices for it - otherwise you'd be advised to take it back for a refund, and buy a new one online.


2005-11-20, 12:58
I think I would agree with your first suggestion that the wireless card may be unseated. The unit was marked down from $279 to $149 (a discounted item), but brand new and in the original packaging so I thought it was a good deal to experiment with the sqeezebox.
The unit works well and I used it 'wireless' by connecting it to a wireless game node just to see how well it works on my network and it looks pretty good. I will probably take this unit back and get the newer generation.

Thanks for the help.