View Full Version : Problem with radio link under SlimServer 6.2

2005-11-20, 11:24
I recently installed SlimServer 6.2 (Version 6.2.1 - 5194 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252) and have noticed a problem with certain playlist entries, such as the BBC link listed below. While it plays fine in Windows (and under SlimServer 5.4), it does not work under SlimServer 6.2. A few seconds after hitting Play on the remote, SlimServer starts jumping through the playlist (seemingly randomly) and then eventually settles on another playlist entry and plays it while showing the title of the originally selected entry.

I also tried launching the link from within the SlimServer web interface, but it refuses to play or even be added to the playlist. After attempting to play from SlimServer, the SB2 displays the word 'Nothing'.

#EXTINF:-1,BBC Radio World Service