View Full Version : SoftSqueeze + Visualisers?

2005-11-20, 10:11
I was prompted by this posting http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=18360 from Jim Larson to try to combine music playing on my SB2 + hifi with an iTunes visualiser playing on my TV for the ultimate in home audio-visual experiences!

The way I did it was to synchronise the SB2 with SoftSqueeze on my PowerBook, then use Nicecast to broadcast the Softsqueeze audio from a URL and point iTunes to the URL. I could then connect the PowerBook to the TV and see the iTunes visualiser while music was playing on the SB2 (the PowerBook and TV were obviously both on mute)

There is a delay between the SB2 and the iTunes audio but the visualisers are so abstract, I don't think this really matters. One issue is that you don't get the track information because Nicecast is in the way.

I'd be interested if there were suggestions of a better way to integrate the SB/SoftSqueeze with computer-based visualizers.

For example, there is a visualiser called G-Force from http://www.soundspectrum.com/ (free and commercial versions) that integrates with a number of players including iTunes, Windows Media, Foobar, Winamp and others - I wonder what it would take to integrate with SoftSqueeze, or maybe integrate Softsqueeze with open-source visualisers (if they exist) ?

I thought the whole audio-visual experience of music on the SB and a visualiser on the TV was pretty cool - now I need to borrow a PC projector to display the visualiser on the wall...