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2005-11-20, 07:32
I've just spent 5 minutes trying to find the page at slimdevices.com that lists resellers. You would think it would be on the BUY section. This list of resellers needs to be clearer.

When I first ordered my SB2 back in April, I ordered it directly from this website. Coming from the US to Ireland I was then hit with import taxes - some 70 Euros on top of the SB2 price and delivery charges. There was sod all information about resellers, I had no idea I could have ordered it from the UK.

I want to order another SB and I don't mind telling you, I'm pissed off cos I cannot find the friggin resellers page!!!

Someone point me in the right direction to UK/Ireland resellers please.

And, SD, sort your bloody website out!

2005-11-20, 07:44
Try this page:


2005-11-20, 07:49
I have used Multi Task Computing in the UK previously, and they have been very helpful.


2005-11-20, 07:52
Thank guys

Neil Cameron
2005-11-20, 08:16
Wickedly, it was hidden under the Tab 'Buy Now' and then sub-tab


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> Try this page:
> http://www.slimdevices.com/au_resellers.html
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