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2005-11-19, 12:30
I've been having a few problems recently with sluggish response times from the web interface, so I've been using the Health plugin quite a bit.

Got my actual problem sorted but have noticed something else strange.

I can play files from my server with no problems, and connect to remote streams. Yet even while playing tracks the plugin shows as follows (I have tried resetting the counters and updating page) :


Control Connection : OK
Streaming Connection : Inactive
Player Signal Strength : OK
Buffer Fullness : OK
Server Response Time : OK


There is currently no active connection for streaming to this player. A connection is required whenever you play a file from the server (but not when you play remote radio streams on a Squeezebox2 player).

If you are attempting to play a local file on this player, then this indicates a network problem. Please check that your network and/or server firewall do not block connections to TCP port 9000.

Am I missing something, or should my Streaming Connection show as OK if I am able to play tracks as normal ?

SlimServer Version: 6.2.1 - 5194 - Linux - EN - iso-8859-1

2005-11-19, 13:10
For squeezebox 2/3 the streaming connection closes towards the end of a song once the entire song is in the player memory. You probably refreshed the web page when this occured.

The description text should probably be changed to refect this.

2005-11-20, 03:51
Thanks - that makes perfect sense.