View Full Version : Help !! Slimserver says its starting but never does....?

Deaf Cat
2005-11-19, 05:40
After updating my bios which seems to have done nothing apart from confusing slimserver. Slim.exe seems to try starting but never actually starts.

Have tried downloading the latest slim version but still trying to start and does not....

Please any suggestions - oh and I realise now I should have kept a copy of my old BIOS before I updated it..!(I guess it is the cause as everything worked before)


Deaf Cat
2005-11-19, 06:16
Did some more reading and uninstalling and re installing slimserver seemes to help a good few problems so gave that a bash and FAB!! we have music again.

AND a rather cool 'Merry Christmas' snow screen message don't quite know how to get it back again but its FAB too!!!